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Compost City offers group rates for customers living in the same postal code. Check above to see if you qualify! Want to get others in your postal code on board? Share this page to let them know about the potential savings with a group discount!

$10+HST with 10 or more subscribers at the same postal code
$15+HST with 6 to 9 subscribers at the same postal code
$20+HST with 3 to 5 subscribers at the same postal code
$25+HST with 1 or 2 subscribers at the same postal code


Your pickup address will be collected during the purchase process.

  • Fresh pail delivered every other week with pickup
  • Monthly delivery of deodorizing powder
  • Quarterly Impact Report including carbon savings
  • Sticker or lawn sign (for bragging rights)
  • Cancel any time with one week's notice, or put your subscription on hold while you are on vacation
  • Need an extra pail for overflow? Additional pails can be added to your subscription for $7.50 each

Contact Us

Wastenot Farms, Inc.
3093 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON M6A 0A3
P: (647) 990-5884

Wastenot Farms is an earthworm hatchery located north of Toronto, Ontario. We collect food waste to make worm castings biofertilizer (worm manure), an all-natural substitute to synthetic fertilizers, that strengthens our local food system.

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